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The Story of Pat's Legacy

It was Christmas of 2022 and we called my sister, Pat, who lived in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina to wish her a Merry Christmas.  When she didn't answer her phone we got worried and called the local police to do a wellness check.  When they went to the house the TV was on but they couldn't see any activity.  My two siblings and I drove down to her house and met the police, who proceeded to go into the house.  They found my sister, she had fallen down a flight of stairs and was lying on the floor (she had been there for 3 days), and after rushing her to the hospital they found she had a traumatic brain injury, 11 broken ribs and a broken wrist.  She spent 6 months in skilled nursing care where she died in May of 2023 at the age of 68.


It was at that moment I decided to use my health coaching experience to help adults and seniors with both their health and personal safety (fall prevention) in the hopes that I could help save lives.  I created Pat's Legacy, LLC in honor of my sister Pat, who was 68 years old when she passed away

Pat was a breast cancer survivor and she was involved with her favorite charity, Susan B. Komen Foundation, doing many walks for breast cancer.

Forever 68

Pat was a world traveler, amazing photographer and loved nature.  She traveled the world and took the most amazing photos.

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